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A total Heath and Fitness Facility for anyone at any level!

We strongly believe exercise should be enjoyable and should improve your life by strengthen you; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We are a private training facility centrally located in North Eastern Massachusetts right on the New Hampshire border in the town of Pepperell, Ma.  We are designed for clients who desire privacy. You will be the only client in the gym with one on one attention, or a small group of your choosing.   This allows you the comfort of no intimidation or distractions in order to concentrate on getting everything you deserve out of your time spent in the gym.  

One on One Training

We educate – You will learn every aspect of being stronger, healthier and happier.  

Rehabilitation Evaluation and Exercise Program

  • Injury or Chronic Pain – Tired of being in pain? Or has your Physical Therapy run out? Using Rehabilitation Exercise is what you are looking for!
  • Weightlifting and Exercise Evaluations – Pain while lifting or exercising we evaluated you while performing the lift, come in and have your form, workout plans and nutrition checked.
    • You will be evaluated using real weights, real equipment!


We specialize in Sports Nutrition and Generalize Health and Weight Control We are Certified in Holistic Nutrition

A Quick View About Our Facility

No Membership Fee – So there is no additional or hidden fees added onto your training costs.

Totally Private You are the only client in the gym during your session, no distractions to take away from your time and education.

Safest, Cleanest and Best Training you can possibly receive. Your sessions are design for you level, no distractions equipment is sanitized before you come in so no-one else can touch them before you.

Enjoyable Environment – Clean, healthy environment where you can control the air temperature and listen to your own music or in quiet.

No Intimidation perfect if you are a little self-conscientious about starting a gym workout program or don’t want to be in a group where you are held back or pushed ahead of your level.

Make Your Session Your Own – Your sessions are designed just for you, to make sure your personal goals can be achieved.

Challenging Made Enjoyable – We believe in order to be challenged and work hard, you need to be in the gym, so making your gym time enjoyable is important to us.

No Waiting for Equipment guaranteed.

No Restrictions – On Weights, Noise, Chalk, Clothing.

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